What is honour? What is pride?

What makes them...what gives them...what are they?

In a day and age where politics and individualism are the controlling factors of life, is there even room left for these words. Pride comes from within, honour comes from outside yourself.

The KGB Syndicate was formed from the ashes of a system of clan that did not work in much the same way as our governments and religions today, they break themselves from within. The reason these things happen is because lack of focus, lack of pride, lack of honour, and lack of character.

When The Syndicate was first formed it was created with the purpose of being a group where the decisions were made as a whole. The Syndicate itself would be the spokesperson, not the skills of its members, but the feeling you get from being accepted into it. That feeling, for me is pride.

Some would say that is funny or even ridiculous because it is just an online gaming organization. However, look at your life...can you honestly say with pride that you belong to an organization? You can say the words, but is the feeling really inside you? Only for a select few does that exist anymore in religion and politics, and they are a blessed few.

Honour is given to us when we join The Syndicate. Our standards are different from the traditional clan, as we do not necessarily recruit based on skill, and we do not recruit based on whether you own a server or a domain. We do not care about your social status, we do not care about your affiliation to processors (and yes some clans recruit based on that).

We look for maturity...we look for something in you that we can help exploit and display...that quality is pride. We can give you honour by bestowing our tag to you. Instead of just letters before your name, it stands for something. On a personal level it means you still believe in having fun while respecting others. You can take pride in being a member, pride is a wonderful and rare thing, but we offer it.

You may not always accept it, because you may think maturity and pride are only things for older people. Even young children can have pride and maturity while still having fun, and are better for it in the long run. The respect of others is not an adult concept; it is an honourable stance that you can take at any age. We are not given pride by anyone. The days of pride in a last name or title are mostly gone. We must find pride within ourselves, through the things we do, and the people we associate ourselves with.

Few organizations in the real world have a sense of honour, and even those are dwindling now. That is why we can look to online communities and organizations for these things, because the communities are not governed or controlled by politics or individualism. A simple thing like pride in an online organization can make you feel better about yourself because you have pride. Pride is limitless, once you truly have it there is nobody, other than yourself, that can take it away.

Even if The Syndicate decided to break up tomorrow [Not gonna happen d00d! - FF] I would still have pride in the fact that I was a member. What we take pride in is not as important as finding it. We are raised to look down upon ourselves and look up to others, we are taught the importance of the dollar and class. Things such as pride are never mentioned in our high school curriculum nor asked of us as a requirement for a college degree. We are left on our own to find these things, and once we find it in one thing we can find it in many. If you can look at one aspect of your life with pride, even if it is as simple as something like The Syndicate, then you can change your whole self view. You can find pride in every aspect of your life because it is already in you, when you sleep, when you eat, when your online, when you're at work, it stays with you, and can help you get through life with more purpose than you may imagine.

The Syndicate cannot give you pride, it is not a promise nor is it a requirement, it is just simply an organization that is not corrupt, that respects others, and gains a sense of honour from that. It is in that honour that you can chose to find pride. You need to take a long hard look at yourself, and ask if you have true pride. If you do, then I am happy for you, because there are a lot of people who don't. The earlier you learn of pride and of its importance, the better your view on the world in general will be.

These are just my thoughts, and although not crystal clear and as well versed as I am capable of making them, they are as they came to me. I have a woman in my life I love and honour. I am also a member of The KGB Syndicate. I respect others that deserve my respect. I have pride in who I am and no one can take that away.

Thank You,
Paul "Romi" Moore