11/26/03 - Hey hey, ho ho. One month to Boxing Day! I'm pumped for Xmas this year as we're heading off to Costa Rica Xmas Eve for two weeks of sittin our buts doing sweet FA. Actually we'll be doing stuff as we're taking diving lessons and finally going to blow some bubbles in the big Pacific bathtub. It should be fun. Plus we'll check out the volcano and maybe do the zipline thang in the rain forest canopy. It'll be funzorz. Anyway, yeah, KGB is not dead we're morphing into something else. CS isn't cuttin it for all of us so we're doin different things. Gunbound is the addicting game from Korea I'm stuck on. We should be setting up a KGB gunbound guild in the near future - anyone who plays and wants in email. In the meantime, don't eat yellow snow. -FurnaceFace

11/18/03 - Hey Hey long time no update but KGB has gone in many different directions since my last post, we still play CS on and off but alot of us play the new paintball mod for HL while others are finding themselves addicted to gunbound, check out www.gunbound.com for info on that baby, pretty soon I will be updating the site with an official transition to multiple gaming platforms. -romi

10/01/03 - Boris The Blade is very ill, we all hope you get to feeling better man! -romi