Welcome to The KGB Syndicate history page. Instead of classic history style, knowledge of The KGB Syndicate: the genesis, the rise, the fall, the rebirth, are best told from the minds of people involved. The plan is this will be an ever growing archive of letters from people involved directly or indirectly with The Syndicate's birth and growth.


Letter from The Olde Man:

What a long strange trip it's been.

An overused quote from The Grateful Dead but it applies. If you had told me way back when in April of 2k1 I'd be running a group of online gamers I would have said you needed a biatch slappin...but here I am. That's right, As near as my old brain can figure I joined up about then. Prior to KGB I had been stuck in the late 90s and was still playing Quake2, and a member of Karnal Knowledge which morphed out of Temple of The Dog. Early in 2k1 I was introduced to this "new game" by a few guys who were working for me on a project. These guys turned out to be ALLIANCE.JIGGA, and Cool Squad's [CS]AlmostCool and [CS]MadPostalWorker. As I started to play and move for horrible noob status to somewhat better noob, JIGGA told me about some guy named Stukov who was asking if I'd be interested in joining his clan. I'd seen the dood around and he seemed fine. We talked and pretty soon I was "The New Guy" in the clan.

Things were good, we started to grow, I started to play slightly better and things were looking good. Those early days were interesting for "The Olde Man" as the rugrats in the clan started calling me. It was all so new and...well...raw I guess. It wasn't like the Q2 clans I'd been in where the structure was already down by the time I joined, it was all new to everyone involved...and a whole pile of fun. The summer didn't affect us - in fact I think we might have grown in members.

By The Fall we had a fair sized team that was feeling l33t enough to join CAL open. Looking back on it, CAL was ultimately fun. It sucked when we got crushed by a good team, and resulted in a few words exchanged that shouldn't have been said. It was great though when we pulled off a hard fought win. CAL was ultimately a turning point for the clan. The bad words expressed during the loses weren't forgotten and the situation came to a crisis when Romi, to try and help things, made the ultimate sacrifice and left us. This was a dark day made even darker by the annoucement that CrazyTalk was leaving us to join ALLIANCE. By the end of 2k1 it looked like the clan was lost and wouldn't survive the New Year.

This prediction almost came true. Stukov, for a variety of reasons, decided he wanted to go his own course and left. KGB stood at a crossroads. It would have been easy for it to have died completely back in January...I think the heart stopped a couple of times as I wasn't sure what I wanted. I decided I didn't want to decide just yet so I asked Stu to "hand over the keys" to KGB. I wasn't sure I wanted to run a gaming team...I just knew I couldn't let it die yet.

I also knew I needed help, and the smartest thing I did was ask Romi if he wanted to come back. He brought back some of the old fire and drive. We still weren't totally healed, and had to deal with the departure of arguably our best player MuthaFako who joined LuK and eventually (the kid has had more aliases than any true spy) became Ashtray [and now part of TDZ - The Drop Zone]. I starting thinking if I was actually going to try and run this thing, what kind of organization I wanted. The idea came to me one day on how to make this work.

On January 10 I annouced The KGB Syndicate. It was, and still is, a somewhat fresh approach to the traditional clan. I had no idea if anyone would buy into my idea or want to be a part of it. Well, with some both good and bad press we stayed the course and started to slowly get things rolling. Our membership was Romi, FaTaLSHoT, BUTTWEASEL!, and me. We obviously needed more members and got that ball rolling with the addition of Jae in March.

From there we grew by adding more players like Professional, FruitLoop, Strife, WackyIraqi, BOOTSY and MoltenAsh. The summer of 2k2 was a long one, and we had some members depart or just plain fade away. I guess this wasn't really suprising as CS has been around for a long time and with many new options to frag people went different ways or just lost interst.

Since September we've been growing stonger. We have recently added some new players while we've said goodbye to others. Ghettybooty! joins us to officially make us an intergender community, and recent additions of Dr.Killjoy and even more recently 19 Delta have helped solidify our team.

One year of The KGB Syndicate will be upon us soon. I can't wait for Jan 10th. I look back on the trip we've taken and am proud of what [KGB] the clan stood for and am more proud of what The KGB Syndicate stands for and what it has grown into. Thank you to all the members who share in the vision of this group.

Pride, Honour, Respect.

Aug 03 - I've been delinquent in adding in new stuff. Over the course of this year and late 2k2 we've acquired several new members: Boris, CUZZ, OregonSniper, FRAGILE, and Initiator of Violence aka IOV (just call him FOO!). We also tried our hand at OGL but ended up caring little for the competitive stuff and all the annoyances it can cause.

We've gone through some challenges so far this year. 19 Delta was off in The Persian Gulf, but back now and in one piece. Our biggest scare this year (and hopefully ever) was Oregon ended up in the hospital. It was touch and go for a while, and got really really scary at one point, but our friend managed to pull it out. The biggest thing this experience proved (other than Oregon is a tough bastard with a lot of fight) is we truly care for each other. We were all concerned about Oregon's health, and were trying to get daily reports from his bro. We started an online support campaign by adding "os" to the end of our names. We had several gamers outside The Syndicate add the tag to their names too.  To me this proves the value of the online world - it's not just about killing, it's about friends and community.

Summer, like every year, sees a big drop off in game play. There is this thing called "a life" that people seem to pay more attention at this time of year. As September approaches we'll see where we stand and continue this long strange trip...

Letter from Rominikov:

When I first joined KGB it was simply just Stukov and I. I had just started playing CS and it was about the time 1.0 came out. We had the tag [KGB] because we both had a love for the Russian pride and ethic ideals. After awhile people started asking if they could join since we were regulars on clan ALLIANCE's server (where we got to know Zulan, Shonuff, Dive, and XFACTOR fairly well) the first two that we let in was a father son duo named Jackal and Hyena, the creators of clan USA, other members soon followed, Blackdyce, Margarita, Aero, Kakarot, and eventually the first elder member FurnaceFace, we also aquired Muthafako and Fatalshot, two friends who also played regularly on ALLIANCE.

Months went by, we got web hosting from ALLIANCE, allowing my creative side to be satisfied, and also gained us some more members and notoriety. Leagues looked inviting and were mentioned, so we signed up with CAL (this was done by muthafako *edit done by request of stukov -romi's memory is bad), things got off to a rough start and since things like practice and matches some people had problems, I being one of them. After a intense argument I resigned as Co-Leader and gave that position to FurnaceFace, since I believed his maturity could help organize the clan better than my frustration. I ended up leaving KGB soon after this for personal reasons. Some members were recruited by ALLIANCE, quite a few actually, showing that we did have some great talent, but ALLIANCE was also undergoing changes then. Stukov and Blackdyce then left KGB leaving furnace in charge of a dwindling clan.

After Stukov left and the clan seemed to be failing I decided to join back in, because I had a lot of personal feelings about the clan and would not let it die. However one of the few members we had, Muthafako left to join some old alliance, kgb, and usa members to form club .:luk:.. Crazytalk also was recruited into alliance. By this time the clan consisted of myself, Furnace, BUTTWEASEL! and FatalShot. Thing looked pretty bad for clan KGB.

Thankfully Furnace realize that a rebirth was needed, under a new idea, and a new name, initially we were known as The Syndicate, but eventually held onto our roots and became The KGB Syndicate. Our reorganized style and "everyone gets a say" attitude attracted other members rather quickly, including some old friends like BOOTSY and Strife40k, the Syndicate grew, and we got our own web domain, and a fancy new website, and everything up to that point was going great. We are still mainly CS based but a lot of us also like to play other games like DoD, 1942, WCIII and others.

The future of The KGB Syndicate looks good. We really have refocused ourselves and become more of a family than a clan. Because of this reason alone, I believe The Syndicate will last for a very long time, I myself am very proud to be a member. We have definitely had a rough ride, but after we reformed as The Syndicate things just started to fall into place, we have a good leader and good members. We are still growing, sometimes friends of friends, sometimes family or even girlfriends, but hey, The Syndicate is a family of gamers anyways. I myself have a lot of fun being a member and enjoy the relation the clan has with each other, and I'll always feel the pride of KGB.

KGB|romi (during the times I mentioned I also went by rominikove, ninetynine, demonvein, and a few others)

Letter from A.CRAZYTALK (former member of clan KGB):

What Crazytalk remembers from way back when!

I was introduced to CS by a couple of my lunatic friends, commonly known as Thunderhaxor er..I mean Thunderchief and Icewolf. Also part of some sort of on line clan/group known as ALLIANCE. I said to myself "I'll never become an addict like them, but I'll try this game out." So I'm regularly getting my butt handed to me at CS ( I can stop whenever I want too, I just don't want too. ) when a fellow named Stukov asks me If I would be interested in joining a clan. So first thing is first, check the guy out and make sure he isn't some sort of online asswhipe that I may not want to associate myself with. He turns out all right, he's got a good rep. So I slap the KGB tag on and the fun and politics begin!

Never having been in a clan before, but not new to online gaming. I met a great bunch of guys to game with, and we became a pretty tight knit group. We played a lot together having a great time kicking ass, as well as becoming a better player myself. Then we jumped head first into something called a cyberathlete league ( I always laugh when I hear the word cyberathlete ), or CAL! I don't know if it was the best of ideas, but I had a lot of fun in our strat games and practice scrims. The actual matches themselves, left much to be desired in my opinion. As well as signaled a change in the direction of the clan.

The best part of KGB then is what it has become now. A good group of gamers brought together to have a fun, win or lose. Many of the clan members have moved on, myself included. We may be scattered, but we all remain friends.