The KGB Syndicate


A word from FurnaceFace
Why join a clan? I've often thought about clans and what they stand for. Why do you join a clan? People answer that differently:
    'I want to be with a competitive group to play in matches.'
    'I want to gain experience and learn from those better than me.'
    'I just want to be able to pummel haxorz by having server admin rights.'
    'I think if I join _____ clan Iíll get noticed by more l33t clans.'
Most, if not everyone, also says: 'I want to meet/make friends and have fun.'

However, Clans, sadly, are not always fun. The rules, the hierarchy, and towing the party line are not for everyone. We get enough of that during the day while at work or at school, we shouldn't get rules tossed at us while we're having fun. There is something different that a lot of gamers crave.
I've come to the conclusion that clans are not what is needed today, enter The KGB Syndicate.

What is The KGB Syndicate?
The KGB Syndicate is a group of independent players, who have joined together for the sole purpose of raisiní hell and haviní a good time. Members of The Syndicate are free to pursue their own path, from teaming with other members of The Syndicate for scrimmages and matches against traditional clans to acting as the lone wolf just out there to kick butt. The underlying value of The Syndicate is it takes all the negatives of a clan - the draconian rules, the iron fisted leadership, the infighting - and puts a 9mm bullet through their collective heads. In its place The Syndicate provides an open forum for members to do what they want, with people they want, and enjoy being around. The Syndicate provides gamers with a home base if you will. A place to share thoughts, to learn things, to get info, and to hang out. Average Joe gamer doesn't have these perks, and is missing out on a lot of additional benefits, usually because the competitive nature of a Clan dictates that only the L33T are picked and Average Joe is left on his own. The Syndicate, due to itís wide focus, is able to accommodate Average Joe and Elite Eddy. In a nutshell, thatís The KGB Syndicate. No doubt youíve got some questions, read on.

Iím a hardcore player since CS beta 5, how does this benefit me?
For the hardcore gamer this gives you some more freedom then you would have in a clan. Most clans will not let you team up with others outside the clan. This is sometimes good, but also can limit your playing time and competitive play. There are no such restrictions with The KGB Syndicate. If you find a clan or non-Syndicate players you wish to team up with for some type of play, nobody will stop you. Just let us know cuz we might ALL wanna get involved.

Without any structure, arenít you guys just gonna end up f*cking around?
Itís a possibility; however it is a possibility in a clan as well. There are ways to prevent the animals from taking over the zoo such as checking into your members before you let them in and really understanding them. After all, an asshole, no matter how skilled, is still the shits.

So like, no rules? Really?
Hell no! Rules like: 'all members who at some point decide to get that frontal lobotomy and cheat will be skinned alive will be in place'. For the most part, weíre talking guidelines here and itís up to The Syndicate at large to decide on the guidelines and how to enforce them. Mostly it's common sense, and if you don't have it, chances are we'll figure that out ahead of time.

What kind of say do I have in the direction of The Syndicate?
Plenty. The KGB Syndicateís underlying philosophy is all members shall have the opportunity to be heard. The Syndicate is build on the principle of collaborative decision making. What makes sense for the members will be what is implemented. The Leadership does not rule by an iron fist and does not have veto power.

What's your membershp like?
Current membership is about 20. Check out our members page for a complete rundown of the roster.

Where can I find you?
Website: You're here so you know it ^_-
IRC: #KGBSyndicate on the gamesnet servers
Email: [email protected] (this goes direct to Furnace)

Whatís your servers address?
Sorry, we donít have one yet. We are looking into the possibilities and would ultimately want our own. It just takes time to find the right opportunity.

Our adopted home servers are provided by our friends at Alliance:
ALLIANCE.CS1 - Standard map rotation
ALLIANCE.CS2 - Custom map rotation

I like the concept, how do I join?
Due to an explosion of interest and growth in membership we are going to Invite mode for the time being. That doesn't mean we're not looking for potential members, we always are, it just means we'll be the ones initiating the request.

If you want to be a part of The Syndicate, your best option is to hang out with us on our IRC channel and to play online so we can see you in action (Alliance is the best choice, we're always there). The more we get to know you and the more we see how cool you are, the better your chances are of getting an invite.

We have an underlying philosophy of Pride, Honour, and Respect. We look for those attributes in potential new members. Best description of the philosophy can be found here.

Other attributes we look at are:

A lot of being chosen by the members is how well you fit in with the group. If you are a whiner and complainer, please look elsewhere. If you have a good attitude it will show, and we'll immediately like you.

We're not talking age here, we have members in their teens who are more mature than many people way older than them. We're talking the ability to take the high road and to be able to look at a situation and think before they act.

I've said before skill doesn't really matter. It's not a huge factor in the selection process but it does deserve some mention. If you've played the game for a total of a week and still don't know how to select your weapons, please wait a few weeks before bugging us. We expect our members to have at least the basics of the game down as it makes it more enjoyable for all.

Again this doesn't carry a high weighting to it, but ping matters. If you ping 500 to the servers we normally play on chances are you won't get picked, that's just reality.

Lastly, a gut feel from the members - we feel our own personal guts, not yours or anyone elseís. ;-)

You havenít answered my questions...
Sorry about that. Please email your question here and Furnace will get an answer back ASAP or ask on our forum.

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