10/01/03 - As you know I can't update the website everyday with all the happenings, however whether you are a member or not you can find usually up to date topics on the forums, so don't forget to check them! -romi

10/01/03 - Well as you can guess the whole team is starting to get used to the whole STEAM thing, don't know how I personally feel quite yet, all I know is I can find servers a helluva lot easier, not to mention see when my friends are on. We shall see how the game is as time continues, anyways head to to get your happy copy of STEAM CS 1.6. I do enjoy the rain in Aztec... -romi

09/15/03 - You can still view our 911 memorial here however I have now redefaulted the main mage to the news. ALLIANCE clan has switched from CS so we now are forced to play on different servers (it was fun while it lasted a. -romi) tdz still has alot of old friends in it, so hang out in #tdz if you want to see xfactor and talk cs. Moving on, The KGB Syndicate is in a little down time but expect a comeback within the next few weeks. I updated the members section with a few different servers. Boris is playing on his local ISU servers but he's still alive. As for the site, I kinda like it the way it is, but I have been busy making my own Quake 1 modification, however I still find time to play CS on the weekends, thats about all, more news on the way later I'm sure. -romi

09/06/03 - It's September which means the rugrats are back in school and looking for some game action. Is anyone else salivating over soon to be released Half-Life 2? Should be interesting to see if it lives up to the hype, here's hoping. -FF

08/15/03 - Updated members page with a "where we play" section, with a few server IP's so you can play with your favorite clan, hope it comes in handy, still considering further updates, may change main frame system to something more updatable, we shall see -romi

08/10/03 - A couple more updates, both history and main index has been updated, history you have to go see (few minor updates) and as for the main index, well the news is now inside a "frame box" in an attempt to improve readabilty and appearence, I'm still working on some other stuff too - romi

08/07/03 - Finally an update! MAJOR NEWS: Furnace had all his news updates with 02 as the year, I fixed it for him, (he's old, we forgive him), We are no longer in OGL however we are still invite only, at this point, some member changes. NOT AS IMPORTANT NEWS: New website is up and in "beta" stages, fun I know, I'm back with a new system, check my members page to scope its almight specs, I really hope you like the new nav, it really is the only major change, I will continue to work using that theme though, hopefully, unless I get a thousand hate mails begging me to go back to an earlier version, also updated the news page, members page, and removed the "hidden" puzzle link, sorry all, I know it was fun for about 20 min... -romi

06/10/03 - Welcome back 19 Delta! I'm sure you did the world proud. - FF

06/05/03 - Today GhettoBooty is wearing one lavendar sock, one green striped sock. Let's hear it for KGB's style queen! ;-) (sorry, I had to do it) - FF

06/04/03 - On June 6, 1944, now known to history as D-Day, Operation Overlord, the long-awaited invasion of Northwest Europe, began with Allied landings on the coast of Normandy.

The First United States Army attacked on the beaches "Utah" and "Omaha". The Second British Army assaulted the beaches of "Gold", "Sword" and, along with The 3rd Canadian Division, "Juno". The Allied Forces stormed ashore in the face of fierce opposition from enemy strongholds which had survived the earlier bombardment. Casualties were high and the fighting intense as the beachheads were slowly established and the balance of power in the European war changed with it.

We owe much of our current way of life to the men who fought and died on the beaches in France that day and to the many thousands who died over the next 11 months securing victory in Europe.

It was an honour to have visited the beaches last summer where I was able to "stand where they fought". The beaches are massive, open, totally vulnerable and a hell of a long way from the perfectly placed and heavily fortified German gun positions. All I can say is the success of our forefathers was amazing and a true testiment to perseverance. They are all true heros.

I have posted my photos of Juno Beach and Omaha Beach for you to see. - FF
Thanks - FurnaceFace

04/16/03 - I'm back on my old machine for the time being, and will be without a computer for a week or so after easter. However I have taken the time to update some important things including our members section which now had a honorary member section (those of us who are in more than one clan) and have added our newest member Initiator of Violence, a big welcome to him since he's been a long time friend of the syndicate. Hey while I am at it I will probably update the matches page. -romi

04/06/03 - Hey I'm back in the fray and working on some site speed ups and graphical prettiness. Also I'm running a new comp, a big welcome back to Oregon who once again returns to us, we hope you get better man! -romi

03/15/03 - Make sure to check our matches section for recent updates on OGL happenings, also a big welcome back to Oregon who has returned to us from sometime in the hospital. Also am working on some new enhancements to the site, I already started a little with some new tags, we will see how far I take this... -romi

03/08/03 - A quick word to our friends and members OregonSniper and DrKillJoy who have hit some rough times, the clan and I are behind you -Boris

03/08/03 - Updated the website, now has a matches page with basic information regaurding our OGL matches. Check it out for all the recent happenings. -romi

02/18/03 - Welcome to we now have a new domain name so we aren't some shabby .(put cheap hosting here) no pop ups, no nothing, we are now a .com. On that wonderful note I have updated the hidden secret page with a little piece of history as one of the prizes... if you already have found some of prizes one of them has been replaced in order to put this in, e3... enjoy if you can! -romi

02/15/03 - OMG! Look at this! We've got our own honest to gawd website! -FF

02/14/03 - Happy Love Day. On this day many moons ago Furnace popped outta the oven. -FF

02/13/03 - FAQ has now been updated by FurnaceFace, a few major changes are present. We are now in OGL and have switched membership to invite only. Also a link to the Pride, Honour, and Respect, article I wrote several months ago is now up again, if you didn't get or take the time to read it while it was our main page check it out -romi

02/05/03 - Welcome KGB|FRAGILE, an old friend from former clan ATR, ahhh the good old days, romi remembers, do you? -romi

02/01/03 - Out of curiosity, frustration or creativity, I have now added a hidden puzzle somewhere on the KGB website, if you DO happen to find it, and you get frustrated, fear not, the rewards are few, but there are rewards... there are ways to cheat of course, like begging me to tell you... but good luck, for the demon speaks to no one. Thats all for now, enjoy the hunt. -romi

1/30/03 - After alot of tweaking, alot of trial and error, and alot of testing, I bring you the non-beta version of the new KGB syndicate website, complete with easier to read text, updated images, updated history page, updated faq, all that, and an artistic background! How did you do it Romi, one may ask, and the answer is notepad... -romi *this website's graphics and text are now finely tuned so that whatever resolution you run you will still get the full feel, anywhere from 640x480 to 2048x2048*

1/29/03 - Had a great couple hours at ALLIANCE.CS1 with at one point 8 KGB members. I am still working on the website design, many ideas, few results. Just for fun I posted some screenshots of tonight and one of me and pro having fun in a 2v3. You can find them here, here, and here. -romi

1/28/03 - Welcome old friend NiNj back into the fray, KGB's stock is looking good and our growth is both external and internal! -romi

1/27/03 - Updated the website, it is now back to its older look since the table was causing resolution issues on certain versions of IE and Netscape browsers, as well as any resolution at 800x600 or lower, site is still in beta form, don't worry I'm working on it. -romi

1/25/03 - Welcome OregonSniper to the clan, as well as Muthafako, who is now a member but not currently active. -romi

1/12/03 - Welcome our newest member to The Syndicate: SmoothPERK. Glad to have you on board. If my counting is accurate that brings us to 15 members. I'll have to take my other sock off soon to keep the count going. Just think, we've grown by almost a factor of 4 in a year...guess that means next year we'll be at 60. ;-) - FF

1/12/03 - To our fallen comrade BUTTWEASEL we wish you a speedy recovery. Get well soon mate! - FF

1/10/03 - Today is the official one year anniversary of the formation of the KGB Syndicate. On January 10th 2002 our leader FurnaceFace rethought the idea of clans and molded the Syndicate from the ashes of clan [KGB] a historic day for anyone that knows us! Pride, respect, and honour -romi *As promised I updated the site, it may not look like alot of changes but I do everything in notepad by hand, I would be lying if I said it didn't take a long time*

1/04/03 - New yet old member da.professional is back not sure if he's sticking with his old name so member site update may not happen until the new site is released, whoa did I just say that out loud, its more of a revamp than a new site really, but I'm letting too much information go, wait till the 10th and see it for yourself! -romi

1/01/03 - By god its a new year, and the Syndicate wishes you its best! -romi

12/26/02 - Hope everyone had a good holiday, with more fun to come on new years, just a reminder to history buff's, the Syndicate one year anniversary is 1/10/03! -romi

12/04/02 - A Happy Birthday goes out to the original creator of clan [KGB]; Stukov, the original clan [KGB] was essential to the birth of the Syndicate, many thanks to the year of devotion he put behind the clan. The pride lives on through the Syndicate. Also some more minor updates to the website. -romi

12/02/02 - Scrim against clan "Primal", for our first "official" scrim as The Syndicate we made a rather good showing, special notice goes to BOOTSY for taking charge and GHETTOBOOTY for an excellent showing for her first scrim of anytype ever. Also there has been a few updates to the site. -romi

11/26/02 - We have a "official" scrim this saturday, all wanting to join in on the action please meet in #KGBSyndciate at 1pm PST -romi (PS happy anniversary priestess)

11/25/02 - More minor updates, hard to find minor updates, minor updates that only matter if you visit this site religiously like me everyday... I swear I account for about 25% of all traffic this website gets, but hey, I AM the webadmin... -romi

11/19/02 - Some minor updates to the site (try to find them I dare you), also both votes are now over. *on a personal note I'd like to say that me and sho got hacked last night by some comps in wc3, damn earthquake every 5 seconds... -romi

11/09/02 - All members are directed to the private forum for two important votes. -romi

11/09/02 - The fun never stops here, update history site because of a few memory lapses of mine, also updated one of the member pages, you guess who -romi

11/07/02 - We got CUZZ, why, just CUZZ CUZZ got voted in, welcome our newest member KGB|CUZZ (I think this makes 4 members in two months...) oh yeah, show some resepct in the game please, just a personal note on behalf of a couple friends of mine -romi

11/06/02 - Forgot to mention 19 Delta as a new member way back before Boris, my bad, sorry Delta, however all these additions makes to one loss, PurpleHaze/Strife40k has moved on too the other side of the hill, it was his call and we will all miss him, good luck where ever the winds take you man. Oh yeah I also updated alot of the members sites, so if you want to know a little bit about our newest members, (and some of our oldest) visit the members section, and remember to vote for the total overhaul on the main forum... bah... -romi

10/28/02 - History site now has a letter from former member CRAZYTALK now a member of team ALLIANCE! I am hoping this will be the start of a nice ever growing history site that truely gives you a great look at the clan. Also welcome new member KGB|Boris the Blade! -romi

10/24/02 - History site complete! althought not as complete as I would have liked it is the finished product, I will probably put more work into it later, I've also been thinking about asking other past members to write letters, (ie crazytalk) -romi

10/24/02 - Another history update 3/4 now (thank you FurnaceFace, the pride will never die), waiting on stu, this could take about a year... on the brighter side I've updated the members and faq section and added a profile for ghettobooty! by popular demand -romi

10/23/02 - History site is updated again, now up to 1/2 completion! Still waiting on everyone but me... I realize the timeline is a little vague, but it's just there to give you a base for the letters, don't bitch to me if the black doesnt blend, maybe I'll make a new one later, when I have a good amount of time. Ich bin traurig, daß Melodie, ich liebe dich. -romi

10/21/02 - History site is now partially up (1/4) waiting on other people now, if it was all me it would be done by now, I'm crazy like that -romi

10/10/02 - Welcome our newest addition KGB|Dr.KillJoY this also results in me updating the members pages. As for the history site, "we" are working on it, yes I said we, as I will be having help from the original creator of the old KGB Stukov and the leader of the Syndicated KGB FurnaceFace -romi

09/30/02 - Wacki and Professional have left the Sydndicate, however we have added our first female member, please welcome KGB|Ghettobooty! -romi

09/26/02 - Hey hey it's my wonderful girlfriend and I's anniversary (happy anniversary, I love you ^-^) and although that has nothing to do with the clan when I was searching through my catalogs of old stuff I backed up (looking for a decent picture of me -which isn't possible by the way) I found KGB news dating all the way back to 8/28/01! So head over to the archive and get some of that old KGB lovin' some of its kind of neat to reflect back on, especially my vain attempts at humor (of course thats not really old... err... wait...) -romi

09/11/02 - One year ago terrorists destroyed the World Trade Center by using our own transportation system against us, please take a moment to reflect on the loss of life and the obvious effects it has on all of our lives today, may all the world leaders realize that their is no honour or pride in terrorist attacks and that the lack of heart they have shown should not go unpunished. -romi

09/11/02 - All memebers of the syndicate are directed to our private forum for a important posting by myself regaurding the clan. -romi

08/29/02 - More members updated, also I am now working on a new flash intro that will replace the main page, so instead of fun directions you get a fun video, it will "hopefully" match the theme of the site, as I will also be editing the top banner a little to make it look more "not blocky" -romi

08/18/02 - Updated members sections with links to member profiles, check them out if your curious about a specific member (note: not all members have pages yet) -romi

08/08/02 - Important note to all that are wondering A|2 is not a reformation of KGB or directly associated with KGB, it is a club for league matches consisting of some KGB and clan USA members. -romi

07/31/02 - Forgot to mention a few changes to the site, I have rerouted some of the news to the archive section and plan to keep working on some more tweaks as the weeks go on, nothing gawdly since I think the site is already what I want in the site. Requests for the website can be sent to my e-mail link in the contacts list -romi

07/31/02 - FurnaceFace will be gone until August 16, the clan is still active, some of us are tied up in Warcraft III while others America's Army, each to his own, but we still play CS too! -romi

07/01/02 - If the olde man can do it so can Romi, happy birthday Ms. Romi! I love you -romi

06/24/02 - Happy Birthday to Mrs. Furnace. ;-)

06/19/02 - More growth! Welcome Molten-Ash to The Syndicate. Our third member from the State that used to be Russian. -FurnaceFace

06/14/02 - He's Wacky, and he really is Iraqi... ladies and germs, lets give it up for the newest member of The Syndicate, wackyiraqi! -FurnaceFace

06/06/02 - On June 6, 1944, now known to history as D-Day, Operation Overlord, the long-awaited invasion of Northwest Europe, began with Allied landings on the coast of Normandy.

The First United States Army attacked on the beaches "Utah" and "Omaha". The Second British Army assaulted the beaches of "Gold", "Sword" and, along with The 3rd Canadian Division, "Juno". The Allied Forces stormed ashore in the face of fierce opposition from enemy strongholds which had survived the earlier bombardment. Casualties were high and the fighting intense as the beachheads were slowly established and the balance of power in the European war changed with it.

We owe much of our current way of life to the men who fought and died on the beaches in France that day and to the many thousands who died over the next 11 months securing victory in Europe.

Please never forget.

Thanks - FurnaceFace

06/05/02 - This isn't really new news, but since it wasn't in the last update I figured I'd mention we have two new SYNDICATE members, welcome Bootsy and Professional! -romi

05/29/02 - Welcome to the new complete with some nifty stuff that moves... AND an archive news section... life don't get much better than this ladies, I have took the time to fix the few link errors there were and also made the site dark and moody, cause hell, no one likes space age and white (like the last installment) although i still enjoy simplicity, so don't be expecting to much crap you vultures, oh yeah that reminds me I may turn the navbar into flash also, but not yet. -romi

04/12/02 - As much as real life keeps me away from the CS action I still am able to get in a few rounds a day, catch me on ALLIANCE.CS in the later afternoon if you wanna frag ROMI! As for other important stuff the website has been updated quite a bit with small things, but you would have to have a sharp eye to catch them, just some refinements I made, apologies to those of you who had IE or NS crashes when you tried to visit something on the links page, I have done my best to address the problem and hopefully it is fixed now, as for site update I am starting to come up with a new FLASH intro which may see the light of day as well as some small flash things to add a little "flash" to the website. We shall see! -romi

03/29/02 - Welcome new member Strife to the KGB syndicate! -rominikove

03/27/02 - Ladies and Gentlemen the time has finally come as this webpage is now fully functional and can be considered at a BETA stage, I have had all kinds of negative comments on the design so far and can't wait to hear more! Your bitchin' helps this website! -romi

03/26/02 - Booyaa, as dumb as it seems I have now tested the website design at every resolution possible from 800x600 to 2048x2048, and although I don't recommend either of THOSE two resolutions it runs fine on all of them (err except a few things with the FAQ page at 800x600 which I am too lazy to correct) -rominikove

03/23/02 - Fixed some rather obvious link errors, didn't realize the forums wouldn't load inside the frameset so I now have them load on there own seperate page (once your done in the forum just close it and your still here, I realize everyone already knows that, but this news page was looking lonely without any text on it) I guess in relation to that I should tell you that I am the only member of the Syndicate which you probably won't see online much, you see, my ISP is horrible and I can't play without having a 700+ ping, which all of us know is quite unplayable. (although remind me to post the screenshot of my ownage of SHONUFF (leader of ALLIANCE) with a 600+ ping, heh heh) -romi

03/22/02 - Main page up, as well as FAQ page, both forum and private forum links are up also -romi

12/22/01 - 3/21/02 - This was reformation time for KGB, when we dropped KGB and became the KGB Syndicate.

12/21/01 - This is the last update for my website that I am directly part of. This update includes the new flash intro and the new flash top graphic. Anything that happens after this will not be done by me, which probably means there won't be any updates for awhile. Now that I'm totally out of KGB I guess you will all have to look foward to seeing me around on ALLIANCE as ninetynine, can't say I won't miss this gang, it's a good bunch that I am sure you can expect alot from in '02. Thanks to those of you who always backed my work on this website, thanks for all your idea's and compliments, I'll probably miss those the most. -DV

12/21/01 - Just so there is no confusion CAL Open is in its "holiday" break right now, matches and events will continue after the new year begins, KGB 2002 BABY! -DV

12/19/01 - Well after alot of work and going through about twenty songs I finally finished the new KGB flash intro, it should be up within the next few days. It is (as far as I know) the most somber CS clan intro ever, however I am a big fan of theme and artistic value and I am personally proud of it. As before if you are curious about the music it is "The Mark Has Been Made" by Nine Inch Nails off of their 1999 LP "The Fragile". -DV

12/11/01 - Just wanted to drop a note out saying that in reflection of 9/11 I wanted to wish my friends in the military and the citizens of New York City happy holidays and God bless. -DV

12/05/01 - I have left the clan after discussing it with Apocalypse and FurnaceFace, I will still be around updating stuff from time to time, I am still working on the new flash intro which should be done within the next few weeks. -DV

12/03/01 - Got back from vacation in Minnesota where (amoung other things) I met Zulan from Alliance, also for all you apple lovers out there I made the site "Apple Friendly" (apparently the flash wouldn't size correctly on APPLE IE 5.01 but I fixed it) I would also like to take this time to say that Apple monitors rule, your wallet. -DV

10/10/01 - Aero has now left KGB for MoD. Other important news is that we are now registered for the CAL open league, enemies beware. Also FurnaceFace is now back in the fold with a nice new comp. (dammit I want a nice new comp *DV) -DV

10/10/01 - Some major changes visually to the web site (again). Other important news includes some status changes in the clan. Kakarot has rejoined his friends in the MoD clan and his status has been changed to honorary. Virgo|Moon is no longer a member (to be honest I am not sure he ever was a member). Also a small note, Stukov and FatalShot are still in the process of getting a server for KGB. -DV

10/06/01 - Site overhaul is almost totally complete, its all looking much nicer than it did before. New navigational bar on the left, not only does it look nicer, but its easier to navigate... i think... -DV

10/01/01 - Some minor things. I am able to work on the web page again after resorting my stuff through XP (which is awesome by the way). I am planning a total site overhaul but don't quote me on that because pure HTML takes alot of time. -DV

9/25/01 - Important note that the clan has not dissolved, who ever started that rumor we be subjected to a good ol' fashion russian beating. In all reality the clan has been somewhat inactive because our friends and server host ALLIANCE had some issues with there ISP thanks to that nasty virus floating around. Now all is fixed however and things are back up and running, just like they should be. As for member status, Kakarot is back in the swing of things now, but not back in the FULL swing, having two girlfriends is tough; or so I've heard. Apocalypse and DemonVein during the downtime of ALLIANCE made the KGB presence felt on many a ISU server; this has proven one thing and one thing only, the only good central US action gamers are in KGB or Minnesota. -DV

9/15/01 - Updated matches section, nothing too exciting. Our best to acid tripin and any other gamers we know from the New York area, the world is behind you! -DV

9/12/01 - I think in light of the recent horrific and inhuman attacks against humanity itself, I may not update this website for sometime following this, if you want to know exactly how I feel about what happened you can read my posts on the alliance forum. I do have this to say here, humanity will not let this go unpunished, and do not take this light heartedly, this is sick, no matter who you are or where you are from please respect the dead, don't joke, help in any way you can, and let your thoughts and prayers (if you pray) be with those who were lost, but do not let the anger and the hate against these wrongful deaths flicker and fade, else it may go unpunished, be strong, and humanity will be strong together and with you. God bless Humanity, God save Humanity. -DV

9/08/01 - Thanks to alliance for a good practice match on 9/07/01 and thanks to FurnaceFace, Blackdyce, and Apocalypse for particpating, also thanks to the [CS] clan for backing us up, even though we still got a nice chunk of OWNAGE. We are still trying to get validated through PunkBuster, our mail is down right now, so hopefully when we are able to check it again we will be validated. Also we are going to be joining the CAL league next season so I cannot stress to the clan members how important practice is. Another note is that we now use GameVoice instead of battlecom, you can download it at for more information if you are in our clan go to the private forum. A few clans have challenged us to scrimages and we of course except as soon as we get our clan cordinated a bit better than what it is -DV

9/03/01 - New addition to the team, welcome Virgo|Moon! -DV

9/02/01 - The website is now up on the internet thanks to XFACTOR and the rest of the ALLIANCE team's hospitality. Some other major updates include the following, MuthaFako is now amoung the elite members and no longer a honorary. Also some little updates, some of the profile pages have new pics, and I am pleased to say the site doesn't need too much updating because I acctually did it right for once. The whole team of KGB would like to thank ALLIANCE for the great practice match on de_clan_mill on 9/01/01 22:00CST, it was fun, and it helped us get our stuff together as a clan, I am personally proud of each and everyone of our members who played including, MuthaFako, FurnaceFace, Apocalypse, and Crazytalk. It was a blast guys, all of you did great (besides me, but hell I'm just the web admin what did you expect?) -DV

8/30/01 - Although not up and running yet, I will continue to update this sites news on my HD so that when I do get it on the web everyone can see whats been going on the past few days. As of important news in a meeting KGB had I (DemonVein) resigned as co-leader of KGB and am simply just a member and the webmaster now, taking my place will be FurnaceFace. -DV

8/30/01 - Thanks to ALLIANCE and their generosity of sharing there web server we no longer will have annoying popup ads and have a helluva lot more space so I can make some cooler Flash stuff and a more in depth site. As for now not many of the links will work but I will do my best to get everything at least up and running as soon as I possibly can. -DV

8/29/01 - I slapped up a new Flash Intro, although not very graphical it does display our new team logo. Also added a "Joke" advertisement to the kgbmain.html site (since there is like a million banners anyway I figured I'd make a site related one) As for my CS status, Stukov will probably be on alot more than me, I will be working on my novel (yes, I write, it is what I do) alot over Labor Day, but you will see me in and out of ALLIANCE a few times, best of luck all - DV

8/28/01 - Well, me and Romi have been working hard to get this site to the best shape we can and so far as of, umm 33 hours later its seems to be looking good. And I have created the message boards like I planned. So give us your feedback at our contact link. -Stukov

8/28/01 - This is where you can get up to date on all the KGB happenings, as for now, I have added the main pages to the web site and will be working on a new flash intro for the kiddies, since I know you ALL love FLASH intro's SOOOO much, but don't be expecting anything like ALLIANCE's cause I only have 500k to work with. - DV